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The First Book-Shaped Selfie Drone Comes To Life The Minute You Toss It

You don’t need to be a bookworm to appreciate the design and lightweight of Hover Camera drone. At 238 grams, capable of folding like a book in stand-by mode, it’s a gadget you can really take with you anywhere #actionmagic

Made from carbon fiber, it’s sturdy enough for spontaneous getaways but light enough to not abide to FAA rules and registration. To start it, you simply have to toss it in the air and it will hover in front of you or rotate to capture 360-degree footage. The founders named it the “selfie” drone since it can be used to capture great portraits of you and your friends at 13MP image quality. You can always use it for its main function, recording video at 4K with electronic image stabilization on board.

Don’t worry; Hover Camera will follow you around automatically once it’s up in the air, thanks to face and body recognition. You should also know that Zero Zero Robotics is not sending it on the market without Embedded AI, a revolutionary technology that gathers multiple AI algorithms on a small circuit board.

As for retail price… we’ll know more in summer.

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