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The First Sony E-Mount Film Camera Is Here

sony film camera

In the 2000s, Sony jumped headlong into DLSRs, forgetting all about film cameras. Users didn’t and this week, a hobbyist made his dream (and probably yours) come true. He showed off his Sony E-Mount 35mm film camera prototype, built with his own hands right at home. #fotomagic

Alexander Gee worked for over an year at his first Sony 35mm film camera (and probably the first in the world). He started LEX from a shutter mechanism borrowed from a Sony A7 camera.

“[…] the 18mm flange focal distance which makes E-Mount amazing for building compact cameras like the Sony A6500 was going to rule out adapting any existing film body I could find,” Gee explained to Sony Alpha Rumors. “The easiest approach was to start at the beginning and make a whole system from scratch.”

So, Gee came up with the design, relied on 3D printing and electronics to make the first unit. Granted, it’s nothing fancy on the outside but it works as these images prove.

The inventor is not stingy with his creations either. He wants to release the open source plans and maybe, if you’re lucky, make a batch of devices that will allow you to buy one directly from the source.


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