This Tech Can Tell If You’re A Terrorist Or A Genius Just By Looking At Your Picture


In these days, a clean CV is just the beginning to get the job of your dreams. First impression counts equally much and employers tend to judge after appearance before going into details. Some of us have gotten so better at faking important personality traits that companies can’t know for sure if they’ve just hired a genius or an over-confident, clumsy person. Well, there’s hardware for that, called Faception #facemagic

This technology pretends to decypher one’s hidden intentions and overall personality just by looking at his/her picture. With computer vision and machine learning technology the team says it can profile a person like a BAU (Criminal Minds) agent: tell you straight upfront if you’re confronted with a terrorist or an academic researcher.

The image can come from anywhere – video streams (recorded and live), camera and online/offline databases. Their tech analyzes the image and compares it with a set of classifiers in order to get an accurate, final result. The algorithm can tell if the person in front of you is incredibly intelligent, a researcher, brand promoter, white collar offender, pedophile (!), terrorist or even a bingo/poker player. That’s really hard to believe!

Yet, Faception boasts with a solution that can generalize enough to guess your true identity. It’s a flexible, scalable and real time solution, that can go on a SDK to be embedded in a company’s application. Find out more, here.

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