Three Friends Invented The Banana Phone To Save Gorillas

banana phone

Believe it or not, three dudes actually developed a banana phone. Well, a phone is too big a word for it. A banana Bluetooth accessory. But you can still confuse all of your co-workers with it for a day or two #objectmagic

Max, Charlie, and Brian have been best friends for 15 years.  For over a decade, they were campers and guides together at Camp Pathfinder, a wilderness canoe tripping camp in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, CAN. Now, they’ve partnered up to bring Raffi’s children song to reality.  The result is a banana-looking plastic accessory that connects to your mobile phone through Bluetooth.

It’s equipped with a microphone and speaker, as well as buttons for volume and calls. You can answer calls at it, as well as make calls, thanks to the voice activation feature. Just use Siri or Google Assistant to call any of your contacts. The home button placed between the volume ones will answer the call or hang up, when you’re done talking.

The Banana Phone charges through Micro USB. One single charge will last 10 hours or 70 hours if it stays idle. The device is crowdfunding now on IndieGogo.  The founders of the project claim that 1% of purchases will go toward Gearing Up 4 Gorillas, a UK-based charity that strives to protect the mountain gorilla in Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. So, backers will not only get a fun, fruity receiver to confuse friends, but help gorillas in the meantime.

How much does it cost? Only $40. We can’t guarantee that it’s a real tongue-in-cheek present, though, not a fun little prank.

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