Traffic Cameras in Australia Will Keep an Eye on Drivers Using Phones

australia traffic cams

Australian drivers are going to find the drive to work much more boring but… safe, thankfully. Legislators in Australia are going to use traffic cams to spot those using a phone while driving and fine them accordingly.

New South Wales Minister for Roads Melinda Pavey has made it abundantly clear the government is looking for “practical, technology-based solutions” to prevent distracted driving and minimize the losses that come with it. 

As a result, stationary cams all over the state will get smarter with object detection technology. The cameras will be set to detect phones that are being used by drivers and send fines to them automatically. By including the move in the NSW Government’s Road Transport Legislation Amendment (Road Safety) Bill 2018, NSW is becoming the first state in Australia to adopt such legislation. #automagic

Until now, there have been various attempts to curb distracted driving with technology. Nissan came up with a Signal Shield, a sort of Faraday cage for phones, situated near the front seats.  Samsung launched an app to send default replies to those calling drivers while at the wheel, no touch necessary.

Both approaches though relies on one important thing: the driver’s acknowledgment of how risky talking on the phone or texting is. In reality, not that many realize that and because of that, don’t use such apps or look for similar devices. A fine (or more), perhaps, will make them more responsible.

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