Trump Administration Gives AI Developers Free Reign

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The Trump Administration has not, generally, said much about AI.  Actually, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin was once quoted as saying that AI and its potential to replace human jobs has “not even been on his radar screen.”

Now, they seem to have changed their minds.

The White House has held an AI summit on the 10th of May with representatives from no less than 38 companies (among which we can count Facebook, Google and Amazon).

The gist of the summit’s outcome could be summed up in the words of Michael Kratsios, the White House technology adviser, as quoted by Bloomberg :

“We didn’t cut the lines before Alexander Graham Bell made the first telephone call. We didn’t regulate flight before the Wright Brothers took off at Kitty Hawk.”

In a nutshell – the administration will avoid AI regulations indefinitely.

Though the Trump Administration might maintain the present state of affairs, we cannot forget that AI is still a work in progress – just recently an Uber self-driving car killed a pedestrian when the software (not tuned to react fast enough) took the decision to ignore the person in question.

Perhaps the administration will reconsider its decision in the near future, as the new AI tools that have been recently unveiled promise a paradigm shift between human and machine interactions.

Do you think AI should be carefully regulated, or allowed to bloom at its own pace?

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