UPS Smart-Grid Signals “The Beginning of The End” For Combustion Engine Cars

ups ev truck

UPS is nothing if not a forward-thinking company. A year ago they were the ones to experiment with drone-launching trucks, only to find an ingenious way to expand their electric truck fleet now. #automagic

Right now, UPS operates one of the largest fleets of vehicles in the world, with many trucks going electric in England. As a matter of fact, 65 of their 170 trucks in central London are EVs, which only shows UPS knows where the industry is headed.

Not only that, but the company is taking the lead with a new smart-grid technology that just “signals the beginning of the end of a reliance upon traditional combustion engine powered vehicles.”

The Smart Electric Urban Logistics (SEUL) project uses a central server which is connected to every charge post, the grid power supply and any on-site energy storage.

Trucks would be charged overnight without excessive peak demand, since the power would be stabilized between the charging stations.

“This is a world first, right in the heart of a mega-city. We are using new technology to work around some big obstacles to electric vehicle deployment, heralding a new generation of sustainable urban delivery services both here in London and in other major cities around the world”, stated the company.

By employing this smart grid, UPS hopes that the costs of switching from diesel and gasoline to electric will be lower and the transition, faster.

Meanwhile, the company is expanding its EV fleet with the help of Tesla – they have already ordered 125 Semi trucks – and by converting the existing 1,500 New York trucks.

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