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Vein Portable Camera Concept Could Revolutionize Medical Care

Viwer Vein Portable Camera
Viwer Venous/ CIT

Intravenous therapy is never pleasant. If a patient has barely visible veins, it can take a nurse longer than expected to find the right spot. But what if she could visualize them thanks to a vein portable camera? Viwer Venous is all about that #objectmagic

A team from Chiba Institute of Technology (CIT) in Japan came up with a great concept that could make beginner nurses lives’ easier. The device looks like a sleeve through which the patient’s arm goes in.

V.V. position arm patient

Using a near-infrared camera, veins can be captured and their exact locations pointed out. Then, the image can be used as a reference and printed later as a sticker. The sticker can be attached to the patient’s hand, following the markings, and the needle inserted correctly through the sticker. Here you can see the whole procedure. 

Designers hope that this medical device concept can reduce nurses’ fail rates as well as patients’ fear during the procedure. It has the potential to train nurses faster and safer.



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