Volvo Challenges Daimler With Its First All-Electric Truck

volvo fl electric

With Tesla showing off their electric semi-trucks last fall, you probably missed one important announcement: Daimler rolled out their electric trucks in Europe, a move Volvo took personally. Not that we’re upset about it – in the end it spurred them on so that now the company is ready to reveal and deploy their first all-electric truck in Sweden, the FL Electric.

Daimler had the advantage of sending them across Europe earlier, but Volvo seems to have the upper hand when it comes to product features. The FUSO eCanter has a range of only 62 miles, while the FL Electric boasts 186 miles! That’s quite the difference, folks. Also, Daimler’s model would come to a total of ~83 kWh of capacity, while Volvo’s truck has a maximum peak output of 185 kW.

volov fl electric

DHL has already contracted Daimler for its delivery trucks, while Renova and TGM are in talks with Volvo. The FL Electric 175 horsepower electric motor, with 313 pound-feet of torque, convinced companies of its necessity in Gothenburg, as a city which embraces the future.

“We know from experience how important it is that cities, energy suppliers and vehicle manufacturers pull together to ensure large-scale electrification. Attractive incentives, common standards and a long-term strategy for urban planning and the expansion of the charging infrastructure can significantly accelerate the process,” said Jonas Odermalm, responsible for Volvo Trucks’ product strategy for the Volvo FL and Volvo FE.

The first units will be in production and on streets in 2019.

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