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Watch The First Movie Filmed With Near-Infrared Light In 4K

Documentaries can be a boring affair when the visuals are less appealing than the story told. Fortunately, that is not the case with Glen Ryan and James van der Moezel’ “Brindabellas” one, shot entirely in near-infrared light #videomagic

The team behind Silver Dory Productions decided to tell the tale of Australia, in particular the Brindabella Ranges, by swapping traditional methods with cameras that capture near-infrared light. Modified RED Digital Cinema cameras helped them show a different perspective of the sky and landscapes from the Canberra region in near-infrared (wavelengths in the 750 – 1400 nanometres (nm) spectrum vs the typical, visible light our eyes perceive 390 – 700nm).

The Brindabella Ranges are located in the west of Canberra and are impossible to miss, since they can be seen from most places in Australia’s capital.  In the 2 hours 20 minutes documentary, you can see how the landscape changes across the seasons – ” from clouds to mist, rain and snow – then frost and ice – and onto creeks and rivers.”

The entire movie is breathtakingly beautiful and is worth the $10 viewing price, especially since they’ve added the option to see all five parts in 4K, too. 



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