This Wristband Turns A Simple Human In Firestorm

firestorm dc

Firestorm is one of the coolest superheroes in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. By merging two people together, the brainiac Professor Stein and the good-natured mechanic Jefferson Jackson, Firestorm arose. His body can create nuclear energy and through pyrokinesis, he can use bursts of such power to burn its targets. That’s not gonna happen too soon in real life though, so the Ellusionist wristband is a nice, less dangerous alternative #objectmagic

Basically, this wristband mimics Firestorm’s power, allowing the wearer to shoot small fireballs out of its apparent empty hands. Of course, the gadget should be used responsibly, as an illusion prop or accessory to a costume party. The Ellusionist has barrels that contain special tissue paper which catches fire and burns quickly.

wristband firestorm

To activate it, you simply have to push the built-in trigger – pop, a fireball comes out! The new Ellusionist Pyro Mini Fireshooter has a burst fire mode too, so you can shoot two fireballs, instead of one, at the same time. On one charge, the manufacturer promises to shoot up to 600 fireballs. When you don’t have any more power, you can simply recharge it via USB.

Plus, because you need to be able to easily slide it on and off in a superhero battle, the company threw in a detachable wrist strap.

So how much does such an accessory cost? $149 but be careful for whom you are going to buy it and make sure the receiver will be responsible with it.

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