Youtuber Sends Garlic Bread Into Space, Then Eats It

Now that’s a headline you don’t see every day or a meal you can get on the go!

Youtuber Tom Scott and his friends collaborated to send a loaf of garlic bread into space, at 35 km altitude, tied to a weather balloon.

In the name of science, Tom Scott wanted to see what the garlic bread would taste like once it had been in the air for over two hours.

To achieve this, they used a weather balloon, a server box and a radio GPS to track the bread once it fell back on Earth. Of course, they also used a fisheye lens to capture the beautiful footage above.

We know you’re wondering why the Youtuber chose garlic bread specifically, and Tom Scott had a good answer: “Because it’s delicious.”

As for the verdict, watch the video above. You should know that the garlic bread in question was homemade, so no expense was spared in this quirky endeavor.

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