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Zuckerberg Tries To Save Face By Rolling Out Unsend Feature

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Facebook has been playing in quicksand for weeks now. The more Mark Zuckerberg struggles to escape it, the further he sinks, it seems. After printing ads in important newspapers and revealing disturbing details just to appear as transparent as possible, word got out that his team has been deleting old messages from recipients’ inboxes, a feature that no one else can take advantage of right now.

Of course, this wouldn’t have come to light if users hadn’t complained about it on the Internet. Only after spreading the word about the disappearing messages, did Facebook admit to these actions.

What’s funny is that hours after the news reached media outlets, Facebook announced the “unsend” feature was actually something they considered to bring to their consumers, as well. Apparently, this was some sort of test they ran before rolling it out. How about that, folks?

TechCrunch found out that even now, the team isn’t sure in which manner they’ll offer this update. So, the CEO has taken advantage of it, but you might not. In the months to come, you might encounter just an “expiration timer” which allows you to select which messages will disappear after a reasonable amount of time has passed.

If you recall, this is already available in Secret Conversations mode. There, you can delete messages from your device but the recipient retains a copy of them. I dare say it’s not exactly the same thing as unsending them like Zuckerberg did.

Until the company makes up its mind, no more messages will be unsend or retracted, though.

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