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A Complete Guide for Cracking the AZ-104 exam

Microsoft is expanding and changing its learning paths to keep you up with the challenging IT world. Every Microsoft certification is in demand. The test code required to be an associate at Microsoft is AZ-104. Implementing, administering, and maintaining the Azure infrastructure for a company is the job of an Azure administrator. This IT professional at Microsoft oversees Azure’s computing, storage, networking resources, and identity management. Are you willing to prepare for the AZ-104 Exam? Here is a comprehensive guide to cracking the AZ-104 Exam, which contains some Microsoft Azure certification elements.  

Guide to Crack the AZ-104 Exam

We’ve put up a few crucial pointers to help you prepare better for the AZ-104 Exam. Take a look at these to ace your test.

  • Know The Time

The test lasts for three hours and consists of 60 questions. The test will be divided into parts, and passing the Exam requires passing each section. Typically, these portions are broken down into case studies, MCQs, and questions with a yes-or-no response. Microsoft Azure certifications have segments. Every kind of segment in this test may appear more than once. You can review these questions in all the parts save the yes-or-no portion. The cost of the test varies by location. Any affordable Microsoft Cloud certification can also reach this price. 

  • Verify The Test Requirements

You should verify the test requirements after confirming that the AZ-104 is the proper test for certification for your professional goals. An essential element of the AZ-104 study guide is the list of test requirements. As a candidate, you must know that you do not need to adhere to the standards to take the AZ-104 test. Contrarily, applicants who meet the knowledge requirements and the needs of experience have an extra benefit in passing the test. For a better understanding, you can go for a Microsoft Azure certification.  

  • Create A Plan

Microsoft certification remains in demand. If you have studied for the test’s themes, you can expect effective exam preparation results. Hence, a vital component of this study guide is an example of the areas in the certification test. For any Microsoft Azure certification, candidates might create a plan that allows a certain amount of time for various topics based on their importance. The topics covered by the test are virtually often included in AZ-104 study guides. Additionally, participants must be aware that the Exam is still in beta testing and will not cover any features that have reached the preview level. Again, practice some questions from Azure certifications.  

  • Find A Course Vendor

A trustworthy AZ-104 training vendor is further essential for test preparation. You can always choose well-known brands if you want to take the most excellent online training courses. Microsoft Azure certification is generally affordable. You may take advantage of affordability and convenience in addition to the guarantee that specialists designed the course. Participants will also have access to specialists to clarify the test topics and the AZ-104 course. Sample tests are available for Azure certification training. The sample test should match the exact requirements of the test you will give at the end of the day. Some questions may come from Microsoft Cloud certification training.

  • Do Not Procrastinate

Azure certifications take work. There are no excuses to put off your study at this time! After finishing one preparation, it is essential to start another. Most importantly, you must understand that studying all the time offers significant consequences. Microsoft Azure certifications will get complex. So, you must always keep your responsibility and follow the preparation timetable appropriately. You must also watch your nutrition and overall health while preparing. Having an outside view of the Exam is also necessary. You can watch videos that are dedicated to this course. Get used to Azure certification training because different study materials are available online.  

  • Take Demonstrations

Do not fear Microsoft Azure certifications. This particular test is challenging, considering it is for entry-level. Even though most of the questions are MCQs, you may also receive lab or questions based on specific situations. You must maintain your composure to succeed on this test. Azure certification cost is relatively low. Demonstrations might help you gain practical experience while you study for this test. Additionally, take advantage of the available laboratories to test software and apps.

You can follow these tips to clear the AZ-104 Exam with flying colors.


The goal of the AZ-104 qualification is to evaluate applicants’ understanding of arrangement and have them use it in genuine practice settings. There are sufficient case studies that involve extensive research and tabular evaluation to speculate on actual Azure installations. The Azure certification cost is around 4800 INRs. Some sections will include most of the questions, and others will have a few. The tests also include a lab, so practical experience is essential.  

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A Complete Guide for Cracking the AZ-104 exam
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