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NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission Will Study Gruithuisen Domes In Premiere

After delaying its most recent test due to urgent repairs to the fuel system, the SLS is ready for the Artemis moon mission designed for lunar exploration. The craft is currently on its way to the Launch Pad 39B to prepare for its rehearsal.

If that all goes to plan, we could be a few months away from sending an uncrewed vehicle into orbit around the Moon. 

The first rollout for the Artemis moon mission began approximately 3 months ago when the Aremis I rocket arrived at the launch pad for the first time.

Up To A Dozen Orion Spacecrafts Ordered by NASA for Moon Missions

Unfortunately, the three attempts at fueling the SLS rocket were unsuccessful, and the Artemis rocket exited the launch pad and was transported back to the Vehicle Assembly Building.

Under Artemis, NASA has selected two new science instrument suites, including one that will study the enigmatic Gruithuisen Domes in the premiere. Both payloads will be delivered to the lunar surface on future flights and are a key part of NASA’s Artemis lunar exploration plans.

“The two selected studies will address important scientific questions related to the Moon” said Joel Kearns, deputy associate administrator for exploration in NASA’s Science Mission Directorate. “The first will study geologic processes of early planetary bodies that are preserved on the Moon, by investigating a rare form of lunar volcanism. The second will study the effects of the Moon’s low gravity and radiation environment on yeast, a model organism used to understand DNA damage response and repair.”

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NASA’s Artemis Moon Mission Will Study Gruithuisen Domes In Premiere

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