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Real-Life Case Studies: How Businesses Improved Security and Efficiency with Identity and Access Management Solutions

Today’s digital world is dominated by data. The COVID-19 epidemic has caused a 600% increase in cybercrime. Security lapses and cyberattacks have significantly increased due to the rise of the Internet of Things. Modern businesses must take steps to ensure that only the right people with fitting job responsibilities have access to data and resources. 

When functioning as a gatekeeper for a variety of identities, including those of people, software, and IoT devices, identity and access management can be helpful. Using identity and access management solutions can help protect people’s privacy and their identities from being compromised.

The Purpose Of Identity and Access Management Systems

IAM systems are responsible for managing who has access to what. This includes employees, contractors, vendors, and customers. They also provide authentication and authorization services to employees and contractors.

IAM systems are used for a variety of purposes, such as:


Authenticating that an entity is who or what it claims to be is one of the main duties of IAM systems. IAM systems can verify the identity of users who attempt to access a system or data using methods such as usernames and passwords, biometric authentication, or two-factor authentication. The IAM system compares them to records in a database to ensure they match.

Access control

Identity and access management solutions provide a single point of control for all your IT resources. This can be achieved by linking all your networks, applications, and systems with one centralized identity management system. IAM systems can manage and control access to systems and data by enforcing policies that specify which users have access to which resources and under what circumstances. 

Identity management

These security systems can help businesses manage and maintain accurate and up-to-date user information, including their permissions, roles, and other attributes.

IAM Systems Help Improve Business Security and Efficiency

Identity and access management (IAM) solutions are designed to help businesses improve security and efficiency by securely managing and controlling access to their systems and data. IAM solutions can help businesses to:

Securely authenticate users 

IAM solutions can help ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive systems and data by implementing strong authentication methods, such as two-factor authentication.

Streamline access control

IAM solutions can help businesses manage and control access to their systems and data more efficiently by automating the access control process and providing a central platform for managing user permissions.

Protect against cyber threats

IAM solutions can help businesses secure their systems and data against cyber threats by providing a centralized platform for managing and monitoring access to sensitive information.

Improve compliance

IAM solutions can help businesses meet regulatory requirements and improve GDPR compliance by providing a comprehensive record of access to sensitive systems and data.

By implementing IAM solutions, businesses can improve security, streamline access control processes, and improve compliance, leading to increased efficiency and productivity.

How IAM Transformed Businesses – Case Studies

Enterprises seeking digital transformation believe IAM programs are the key to this revolution. These systems tend to benefit organizations by reducing costs, improving risk analysis,  enhancing the customer and employee experience, and lowering the cost of compliance.

Check out the case studies below to see how different businesses transformed the way they handle their user relationships by using an IAM solution:

An Enterprise Turns to IAM for Better Authentication

A business leader with a dedicated hosting system was facing some system trouble, including high maintenance and increased operating costs. Adding new features and support did not seem to be a viable option due to added costs and time. 

With the help of Security Identity and Access Management Services, the business was able to automate the monitoring of system vulnerabilities and secure access for 220,000 company users and outsiders while also establishing 40 additional workflows. These assessments helped the enterprise deploy a cost-effective, secure, end-to-end SSO system from the Cloud, using API,  that complied with new regulations.

Energy Utility Iso New England Improves Compliance With IAM

This organization was at risk of daily compliance fines of $1M. ISO New England was searching for a secure and cost-effective security solution that did not alter the course of the business and maintained NERC CIP compliance requirements. This high-compliance environment benefitted from privileged access management (PAM), which addresses its vulnerabilities and provides a closed-loop monitoring system that increases compliance by allowing users to connect and read rights on the system and then grant access based on approval. 

Integrating an IAM system also helped automate the lifecycle management of the many accounts of the customers, including default, shared, and service accounts. Integrating protective measures such as IAM immediately helped improve the cybersecurity status and gave way to a better future for the company. 

Airline Uses PAM to Improve Authentication Process

A company owning a sizable airline faced issues with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) certification requirements. The card lacked privileged access protection in terms of storage and processing, making it difficult to detect and audit any suspicious activity. Due to these factors, the company got held back from getting the certificate. 

Privileged Access Management (PAM) Services helped the airline company meet the regulations of the certificate with the aid of two-factor authentication. This service led to secure access for 1000 privileged identities and 10,000 devices. Thanks to the PAM service, the company could now monitor and manage the workforce privileges of CIP identities using vaulting and password rotation policies.

Improving Information Security Controls Using IAM

Amgen, a renowned enterprise, struggled to increase company information protection against the ISO27002 standard. It was looking for a system that decreased system vulnerabilities while providing a cost-effective solution that can be easily implemented and provides the best business practices.

Integrating an IAM system in the company allowed for the identification of core flaws of the company. The security system provided a solution aligned with the brand’s mission and usability requirements while providing a comprehensive ROI model that increased cost savings. This transformed the company’s security standards allowing for safe access to all employees working from home or on-site.

Take Away

IAM solutions are the most essential security measure for businesses. Deploying an IAM system increases account security, decreases service costs, enhances ease of access, boosts productivity, provides centralized control access and boosts user experience. It is crucial to protect not only the company’s data but also the data of its employees and customers, especially since most companies store their data in the cloud or in a hybrid environment.

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Real-Life Case Studies: How Businesses Improved Security and Efficiency with Identity and Access Management Solutions
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