The Impact of Technology on College Assignments: A Comprehensive Overview

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Technology has changed every part of our lives, including schooling, in more ways than you realize. Before technology, most college tasks were done with pen and paper but now we live in the digital age – and the pressure is rising for most students.

In this article, we’ll explore how technology has changed college assignments from research to submission, and the pros and cons of this particular digital transformation

The Impact of Technology on Research

Digital Libraries and Online Resources

On the bright side, it’s now easier and more convenient than ever before to get knowledge. Students no longer have to spend a lot of time looking through actual library shelves. Instead, they can use digital libraries and other online tools to find academic materials that are relevant to them. 

Platforms like JSTOR, Google Scholar, and academic databases offer a wide range of educational articles, books, and research papers. There are also platforms that can also help with your college assignments, like AssignmentBro, which uses professional assignment writers to provide high quality help for students with essays, assignments or research papers.

Efficient Data Collection and Analysis

Another way technology has changed the educational landscape is tied to the way data is collected. It’s never been easier for students to get and examine information. Surveys, questionnaires, and tests can all be done online, which saves time and money and also removes the geographical barriers that might have prevented some students from accessing the best information.

There are also software tools and applications that help students analyze and visualize data, which lets them refine projects and make them more easily understandable during presentation.

The Impact of Technology on Writing and Editing

Word Processing Software

Gone are the days when tasks were written by hand and typewriters were used. Software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs for word processing has become the standard for writing college papers but may well become obsolete as well.

Some people thought these tools are the final destination when it comes to writing, thanks to features like spell check, grammar suggestions, and revisions – but what about ChatGPT?

The rise of generative AI and artificial intelligence that can be trained on lots of data in order to get new insights are also set to change the educational landscape. 

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Collaboration and Peer Review

Technology makes it easy for students to work together on group projects. At a basic level, students can share documents, make changes to them in real time, and get comments using online platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

However, there are many more apps and tools that enable communication and foster collaboration. Students can use each other’s strengths and knowledge to make their projects better overall when they work together.

The Impact of Technology on Presentation and Multimedia

Multimedia Integration

Technology lets students add multimedia features to their work to make it better. Images, movies, and interactive elements can now be added to presentations, making them more interesting and visually appealing.

Students can share their ideas in creative ways and get the attention of their audience when they use multimedia. Thanks to social media and creative apps, students can create almost professional-level multimedia products and express their ideas better than ever before.

Presentation Software

Software for making presentations, like Microsoft PowerPoint, Prezi or Canva, is now an important part of college work – as putting together slides or decks is also essential in most workplaces. 

Students can use these tools to order their ideas, make slides that look good, and give presentations that make an impact. Students can show off their knowledge and share their results in a compelling way.

The Impact of Technology on Submission and Feedback

Online Submission Platforms

In the past, students had to print their assignments and hand them to their teachers in person. Remember that night before handing in an essay? Now, fortunately, technology has made the process easier and less stressful. 

Students can now turn in their work online, which saves them time and materials. These platforms also keep a record of when tasks were turned in, so students don’t have to worry about them getting lost or missing a deadline.

Digital Feedback and Grading 

Technology has also completely transformed the way that students get feedback and grades. Now, professors can give detailed comments, corrections, and ideas remotely. This makes the feedback process faster and more effective for both parties. 

Online grading systems also speed up the process of grading and give students immediate access to their results and feedback.

The Benefits and Challenges of Technology In Education


The impact of technology on college assignments brings several benefits to students:

  • Access to knowledge and resources has been made easier.
  • Writing and rewriting skills have gotten better.
  • There are better ways to work together and review each other’s work.
  • Tools for creating multimedia and expressing creativity are widely available, which enables students to create impactful presentations 
  • Essay submissions and professor feedback are faster and streamlined


While technology offers numerous advantages, it also presents certain challenges:

  • Distractions abound, so there’s a need to exercise good digital habits to remain productive
  • Students with limited means can have trouble accessing needed tools.
  • Too much dependence on technology can make it harder to think critically and solve problems.
  • Too many tools and apps also means a lot of time spent troubleshooting those apps instead of being productive. 


The way college students study, write, present, and turn in their work has changed because of how technology has changed. It has made it easier to get information, helped people write better, made it easier to work together, and made the filing and feedback process easier. But problems like distractions, technology obstacles, and relying too much on technology must also be taken into account. Where do you stand?

Article contributed by Carolyn Paola

About the author: Carolyn Paola is an experienced educational researcher and writer. She specializes in technology and creative approaches to education. She pursues stories about artificial intelligence, student experiences, and collaborative ventures. Carolyn aims to empower students and educators. She helps them transform their educational worlds to make them more compelling.

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