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Using Technology to Learn: The Pros and Cons of Digital Education

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The 21st century was transformed by technology, and no place has been more impacted than the educational sector. Imagine a young person who does not use computers, electronic devices, or the Internet. It is challenging, if not impossible. Students get access to network libraries’ services and send and receive emails from their teachers.

After these past few years, most of their education has shifted online, enabling them to be more connected and achieve a higher level of academic performance. But at what cost?

One one side you have easy access to millions of terabytes of knowledge and it’s never been easier to get a digital education. Technology also opens doors for creativity and discovering exciting career paths. However, there are significant drawbacks to using technology to learn. 

In this study we’ll go over the main arguments about using technology to learn, and the main downsides of moving students away from pen and paper and traditional teaching methods.

Pro: Technology promotes adaptive learning

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Students who have access to digital tools can learn to research the interests they have, a process that wasn’t as easily accessible to earlier generations. However, young people today have access to a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. When used properly and under supervision, technology can enhance learning both inside and outside of the classroom. It can give students a way to research the subjects they are passionate about or discover new interests.

As this essay about importance of camera technology notes, rapid technological advancements are par for the course in the 21st century – and so many exciting ones are happening today, in young people’s academic journey. 

For instance, a lecture on dinosaurs might be enhanced by a YouTube video or a virtual field trip to a natural history museum. Since higher education requires writing many essays on different topics, access to technology and educational platforms, such as Wikipedia or resources like Writingbros, which offer essay examples, is an essential part of achieving great academic success. 

Con: Technology is a major distraction

The same wealth of information available online and the number of devices designed to help students be more productive can also become sources of distraction or confusion.

Inadequate security measures can lead to young people accessing inappropriate content or information via computers. Lessons in ‘netiquette,’ or proper usage of the internet, can help to inculcate good web judgment and habits at a young age. 

Pro: Students can be excited by digital tools

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

Today, it is usual for many young people to have grown up around technology since they were young children. As a result, students frequently equate pleasure and excitement with computers, tablets, and other related technology.

This means that, when students are encouraged to use digital tools in the classroom, the teacher piques their interest and excitement. Technology can also add a little more depth to more traditional teaching methods.

Cons: Prevents students from having socialization opportunities

According to studies, the connections that technology makes possible through social networks are [paradoxically causing many people to feel alone and alienated – and their numbers are rising. Young people spend more time using technology and they may not engage with their peers as much. Too much reliance on tech and social media platforms may hinder their social and emotional development. To reduce this risk, ‘technology time’ must be moderated.

Pro: Helps students get ready for the future

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes on Unsplash

Our society is growing more and more dependent on digital tools. Thus, it is crucial to prepare students for success in college.

Nowadays, a solid understanding of popular technological tools and their functions is essential. It is never too early to start acquiring knowledge and abilities.

Students will need them throughout their academic and professional careers. In this regard, exposure to technology in the classroom is a terrific approach. It starts laying the groundwork for future success.

Con: Technology may stifle originality

Many technology-based games and activities are “pre-made,” designed so that the user takes a pre-established course with no room for experimentation. They enable students to finish tasks without engaging their imaginations and creative problem-solving skills.

However, there are as many apps that serve as enjoyable solitary or group activities, encouraging the growth of creativity and problem-solving abilities. The latter option plus a wide range of other educational resources can guarantee that students are making use of their study time healthily and productively.

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There’s no question about it: today’s students are growing up in the digital era. 

The Internet and other technologies are not only accessible but they are also essential for today’s and tomorrow’s educational systems. 

Overall, using technology to increase student involvement is advantageous for both students and teachers. Both students’ and teachers’ performance can be improved. Social networks, digital processes, robots, machines, and software are all representations of our environment. Despite their drawbacks, which can be managed, these tools enhance education, boost productivity and encourage experimentation. 

Article contributed by Cory Shilling

About the author: Cory Shilling is interested in the way that technology is changing society. He provides essays on the development of education. He is willing to assist young people with their assignments, research, and papers, because he is aware of  how demanding a student’s life may be.

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