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Write for Us

Want to become a guest writer on TechTheLead?

If you have a great idea or a product you care about deeply, you can write for us about tech – we love consumer technology in all forms and always want to share a great thought leadership piece.
Still, we are also all about providing quality to our dedicated readers, so please check our writing guidelines.

In short: no press releases, no guest posts about social media or marketing, no growth-hacking “how to” articles, no sales pitches, no self-promotion.
When in doubt, drop us a line with your pitch instead of creating the article first.

Want your product or project featured on TechTheLead?
Tell us more about it and we will see whether we can do a review, an interview or something else that adds value to our readers and your work.
Get in touch with us via email with “Featured” in the subject line.

Submission guidelines for TechTheLead.com:
Have an amazing tech story to share or want to offer our readers valuable resources? We welcome guest contributions!

When in doubt, drop us a line with your pitch instead of creating the article first. Email us with “Contribution” in the subject line.
We’ll respond in a timely manner (usually up to 72 hours).

We reserve the right to not respond to those who did not review these editorial guidelines, so please take a minute to do so:

The readers come first, so make sure your article is informational and factual.
Use clear, concise phrases in a friendly, conversational tone.
Try to avoid complicated jargon.
The numbers matter, so include stats whenever possible.
Needless to say, always credit the source if you make a claim or want to use a graph or a chart.

We also love quality content, so please don’t send us unpolished material.
We find our readers love stories between 600 and 1000 words. You can go a bit above or a bit below but your article should be well-structured and web-friendly.
When in doubt or if you’re not a native English speaker and want to perfect your writing, use the Hemingway App or Grammarly to go over your submission.
We will also proof your piece but will not accept rough drafts.

We will showcase your work and help you gain awareness:
Our articles are read by hundreds of thousands of people.
We will credit you properly and, when possible, will also include your handle in social media posts.
You can suggest an image to go with your story and tell us who to credit or you can let us use one of our own illustrations.
We do not trade backlinks or sell backlinks. Still, you can include 1 backlink per article if it leads to relevant information on a reputable website.*
Guest contributors need to provide a short byline (240 characters max) and can add 1 social media handle and 1 backlink.
We will audit the site and author before publication and reserve the right to remove links if we detect malicious content, spam or redirects.


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