6 Ways to Play Asphalt 9 on ASUS ROG Phone 2

ASUS ROG Phone 2 doesn’t need any introduction. By now, you probably discovered that it’s one of the best phones of 2019, thanks to a spec sheet that’s downright incredible. ASUS simply took the best parts that gamers themselves would choose to build their ultimate phone and put them in the ROG Phone 2. So how can you play a game like Asphalt 9 on such a gaming-focused device? Yue set to find out.

ROG Phone 2 doesn’t just support different game genres and different refresh rates – up to the notorious 120Hz – but comes pre-installed with one.

Asphalt 9 from Gameloft can be found on the device at the time of purchase. We were told the racing game was designed to be played with one of the accessories the ROG Phone 2 already comes with. Only the phone comes with a suite of accessories, so many in fact, that ASUS gave them in a trolley!

Before we got to play it, the entire team was briefed on all the things that makes the gaming experience different on this device. Besides the refresh rate, the ROG Phone 2 moves faster and more efficient than many flagship devices out there simply because it works on an overclocked Snapdragon 855+.  

In-game, users should not feel any latency or muffled audio. Why? Simply because ASUS doubled the number of antennas and mics usually found on a premium phone.

In this way, when you’re playing Asphalt 9 in landscape mode, your hands don’t cover all the mics and antennas, or speakers. Here, DTS:X Ultra makes sure you have the best audio experience at every crash, turbo boost and turn.

The Air Triggers are also a nice trick, emulating the console experience.

So in how many ways can you play Asphalt 9? No less than 6:

  • just from the phone, zero accessories needed
  • with the AeroActive Cooler 2
  • with the TwinView Dock 2 (the suggested method for this game)
  • with the TwinView Dock 2 and the Kunai controllers, attached to the phone
  • using the entire Kunai gamepad, detached from the device
  • with the Desktop Dock

Why is the TwinView Dock 2 the suggested method from ASUS? Because Gameloft designed Asphalt 9 so you can watch the road on one screen and the map in the other, controlling everything with the Air Triggers.

Check out our video to see Yue playing Asphalt 9!

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