Tested: The Wix AI Website Builder Actually Works

Website building tools are a dime a dozen and a dozen bucks per month, usually, but this Wix AI website generator stands out from the pack.

Here are my quick impressions of it after a few hours of tinkering, in which I managed to create a website and a blog, with photos and content included.

Wix has long been a company focused on making website building fast and cheap and now, thanks to generative AI, they managed to streamline the process further.

After TheVerge reported that Wix now has a website building chatbot that just asks you a couple of questions before spitting out a template, I just had to try it.

Basically, the WIX AI website builder looks almost like any other website builder, you just talk to it a bit more. 

wix ai site builder review

While the generating-part itself is very slow, sometimes taking minutes to show you a layout or do an element change, there is no doubt for me that the overall package is a great tool. 

If you have a small business, where the budget is very limited, this Wix package does a lot.

I used the Wix AI to tell it to generate two pages for my small, organic farm and I only had to refresh the layout twice to get very close to what I wanted. 

wix ai site builder brief

If you click on any of the hyperlinks in the brief area, you can ask the bot to make changes.

Here’s a different layout after asking the Wix AI to “make it a little different.”

wix ai site builder test

And another version after I prompted the Wix AI with this: “Can you make the theme a bit more happy and playful, and include a photo of a cute farmhouse?”

It didn’t include a farmhouse but I guess the last picture of people happily sitting around a wooden table is close enough.

wix ai site builder - change theme

Then, as I was fiddling around with the Wix blog design elements, I was pleasantly surprised to see there is also an AI image generator available… and fast! 

While I don’t recommend anyone use AI-generated images on their own website (please DoorDash restaurants, just stop it!), they’re a great way to get some placeholder illustrations, without having to endure the people laughing at salads on Shutterstock.

wix ai image generator

All in all, that’s precisely what I see this Wix AI builder being used as. 

It’s the quickest mock-up tool I could find, and would work great in instructing a real designer or an agency to create the website you want.

What do you think, is this a tool you’d use? As for the pricing, as with all SaaS things out there, it all depends on what offer Wix currently pushes.

When I tried it, it offered me a business account for 50% off, which came at about $17 per month, and the cheapest plan was $11.

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