Remote Cashier Uses Zoom to Take Orders. The Restaurant Still Asks for Tips

virtual cashiers via zoom

The shape of things to come? A few years ago the concept of remote cashiers was barely getting formed, now it’s an everyday occurrence – and restaurants still demand tips.

One TikToker entered a takeout restaurant and, instead of being greeted by a person, was met with a computer setup like what you’d expect in a call center.

The restaurant was using workers from another country, who were connecting with customers via Zoom calls to take orders via an app. 

Although the entire restaurant experience was devoid of physical interaction with another human being, the tablet still asked for a tip – yet another unfortunate reality nowadays. 

As @foodbabyny went to the register, the cashier, from the other side of the world, greeted her to “Sansan Chicken”.

After she asked for the food she wanted, the items show up on a tablet, and the remote cashier confirms them. After she inserts her card to pay, the tablet promptly asks her to leave a tip.

I don’t know about you but some of the best conversations of my life happened late at night with kebab shop cashiers.

As for Sansan Chicken’s remote cashiers technology, according to NYT these are called “virtual dining asistents”. They’re workers from countries like the Philippines, and they’re getting paid $3 per hour to take orders – or $3.75 if they’re remote cashiers in Nicaragua.

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