Fairphone Fairbuds Are the First Truly Repairable Wireless Earbuds

Raise your hand if you also got a drawer full of orphaned earbuds you can’f fix! If you’re still willing to give wireless earbuds a chance but want to really spend your money wisely, take a look at the newly-revealed Fairphone Fairbuds.

The Fairphone Fairbuds are the first truly repairable and replaceable wireless earbuds, coming from a company with a great reputation for consumer-friendliness. 

The makers of the Fairphone, which continues to amaze and impress with its repairability features, now turned their attention to another area where things could, and definitely should be more sustainable.

Please don’t confuse my enthusiasm for a sales pitch! We are not associated with Fairphone and receive no benefits from endorsing their products, I just appreciate the ethical approach and this product does solve a major pain for me.

Wireless earbuds are great if you value mobility but awful if you want long-lasting devices. Their tiny size means tiny batteries and huge opportunities to get easily lost or broken, and most companies don’t make it easy to repair or replace what you need.

With the Fairphone Fairbuds, that will soon change. Looking at what they promise, they’re a piece of sustainable tech that should become the standard in the industry, not the outlier.

The Fairphone Fairbuds’ major selling point? If you lose a Fairbud, you will be able to buy a single one from Fairphone. As you know, with other wireless earbuds, you’d be doomed to buy the whole setup again, which is incredibly wasteful both for the environmental footprint and for your own budget.

Speaking of the environmental footprint, it seems Fairphone left no area unexamined. The Fairbuds and their case use 70% recycled and responsibly sourced plastics. More importantly, Fairbuds use 100% recycled rare earth elements.

The company also makes the Fairbuds repairable and offers seven either repairable or replaceable components for them, as well as a three year warranty.

I don’t know about you, but I unfortunately have at least six types of broken or malfunctioning earbuds in my desk drawer, as well as about a dozen cases that hold a single earbud. Even if being careful, I’ve lost or had the battery decaying on both budget earbuds from the likes of Xiaomi or Nothing, as well as the expensive stuff from Sennheiser, Samsung or Jabra.

My next pair will definitely be the Fairbuds, since you can replace so much of them. Just look at the list of Fairbuds replacements and tell me if you’ve seen anything else like this in the audio industry! You can even replace the charging case battery for under $15.

Right now, the Fairphone Fairbuds are only available in Europe, where they retail for 149 euro.

As for the regular tech specs, expect the Fairbuds to go 6 hours on a charge and another 20 in the case. 

Since they’re 149 euro, they do respect the premium price tag and have the features you’d expect. Fairphone Fairbuds work with Bluetooth 5.3, have multipoint connectivity to connect each bud to different devices at the same time, and have environmental noise and wind reduction. On the hardware side, they feature 11mm drivers, six microphones and an IP54 water resistance.

You can find them here.

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