How To Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

So you have decided to switch your Android phone to a new iPhone and, as the excitement of the new purchase wears off, you find yourself faced with the most burdensome and annoying part of it all: how to transfer contacts from android to iPhone?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of options out there that will help you do all this hassle-free. You can read all about it below. 

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How do I transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

Using your SIM card

This is the easiest way to do it. Of course, the size needs to be the same for both devices but all iPhones starting from iPhone 5 use Nano SIMs. 

Back up your contacts to your Android SIM card and then go to the Contacts app > Settings> scroll down to Import/Export and tap on it. 

Choose Export to the SIM card. Once complete, remove the SIM card from your Android and insert it into your iPhone. 

From the iPhone, go to Settings > Contacts > Import SIM Contacts. Once the import is done, all your contacts will be available on your new device. 

What is the best app to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone?

There are plenty of apps available for these types of transfers. One of them is MobileTrans – a phone clone platform that will allow you to move content from one device to the other, regardless of the operating system. You will need to install it on your Mac or Windows computer, however. 

What you need to do following the installation

Now, for the Android to iPhone transfer process, you need to further launch the application and select the Phone to Phone Transfer function to proceed. 

Connect both devices to your computer with the cables that have come with the phones. Then the app will mark all categories for transfer from your Android phone to the target device. This includes not only contacts but also photos, videos, documents, and more. You can select the ones you want to download, however, so if you’re only interested in transferring your contacts, only tick the box next to that section and click on Start Transfer to begin.

Another app is Move to iOS, which you will need to install on both smartphones. Allow all permissions for it otherwise, it will not work as intended. Following the installation, press Apps & Data on your iPhone and select Move Data from Android when prompted. 

Click Continue on both devices > Agree> A code will appear on the iPhone, which you will have to introduce on the Android device. After that, you will have to choose which information you want to transfer. All you have to do is click the Next button and, after the transfer is complete, the devices will automatically disconnect. 

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How do I transfer contacts from Android to iPhone without SIM?

One of the easiest methods to move all the contact information available from Android to iPhone s to use Google account synchronization.

First, make sure both smartphones are connected to the internet and go to the Settings of the Android. Select Users and Accounts > Gmail address > move the sliders for Contacts to On then press Synchronize. Once this is done, go back to your iPhone and access Settings > Mail > Accounts or Settings > Contacts > Accounts and move the slider for Contacts to On.

Haven’t you set up your Gmail account on your iPhone yet? Go to Settings> Mail> Accounts or Settings> Contacts> Accounts and press the Add Account button selecting the Google service and following the on-screen instructions.

What if you need to transfer photos or videos from one device to another safely and faster? 

To synchronize photos and videos in iPhones/iPad, and copy photos and videos from one iPhone/iPad to another iPhone/iPad, with Meenova iOS 15 to 8 pin OTG Cable (get it here) just:

  1. Connect the host of the data migration cable to the iPhone/iPad (iPhone A) to be copied, and plug the other end into the iPhone/iPad (iPhone B) where the photo is to be read.
  2. Open iPhone A’s “Photos”.
  3. Click “trust” on iPhone B and enter the iPhone password.
  4. You can see “import” in the lower right corner of the photo of iPhone A, and click “Import” to browse the photos and videos in iPhone B.
  5. Select the photos and videos that need to be copied from iPhone B to iPhone A, and import them.

Hopefully, all these transfer options have managed to make your life a little bit easier when starting over with your new Apple device. If you know of other methods we might have missed, let us know in the comments. 

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How To Transfer Data From Android to iPhone

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