Kemove K98 Review: A Good Mechanical Keyboard Right Out of the Box

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When one of my colleagues asked me what I thought about the Kemove K98 mechanical keyboard in for review, I had one simple answer: it’s smooth af. 

Of course, people expect more than two words when they want your impressions, so I’ll try to do a comprehensive review of the Kemove K98 mechanical keyboard. 

My first encounter with Kemove as a brand happened about a year ago, when the company sent us the Kemove K68

That one was a cheaper mechanical keyboard with some room for improvement. That’s why, when the brand reached out again to have us test Kemove K98 and Kemove K87SE, I was eager to see if they refined their production.

And I can tell you that yes, they did, especially with the Kemove K98.

Kemove K98 Design

I have a soft spot for any retro mechanical keyboard design, and in the case of the Kemove K98, the grayscale with orange pops of color is a perfect mix of vintage style and modern sleekness.

If all you want is a single mechanical keyboard you can work or game on, with this you certainly  won’t feel the need to buy custom keycaps. Of course, you do have the option, because it’s a hot-swappable PCB that works with 3pin or 5pin switches.

This 98-keys hot-swappable mechanical keyboard is available with three types of switches, depending on your needs and preferred clickiness – red, brown and blue.

Kemove K98 Keys & Features

The K98 is a Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G/Type-C keyboard, so it can work in most setups.

Featuring  80% PBT double-shot keycaps and with a case that has built-in silicone pads for noise reduction, the Kemove K98 is a great entry-level mechanical keyboard. I don’t mean that in the sense of pared-down features, because it’s not the case here, but the fact that it offers a great experience right out of the box. 

The pre-lubed Gateron Browns it comes with out of the box just do the job for me. They are smooth, with a light tactile bump that is enticing even for a “linear gang” guy like me.

“Our unique switch design features a diamond-shaped prism on the switch cover, enhancing the RGB lighting effects and adding an elegant touch to your typing experience,” says Kemove and, if you care about flashiness, you’ll get in here. 

The keycaps are ASA profile, double-shot PBT. They are thick, they sound good and the legends are very crisp. Overall, I love the built quality so I don’t feel the need to spend money to get new ones.

There’s also a neon RGB light strip on the side that can sync with music, plus 4 profile layers and macro recording so you can customize further.

As for the battery life, the brand says the Kemove K98 has a ‘huge’ 4000mAh battery – which is indeed big, yeah, since that’s about the size of a phone battery nowadays.

I’ve played with this keyboard for about a month before doing the review and haven’t had to charge it yet, so it’s certainly convenient.

Overall, I just love this keyboard and the presence of the num-pad is welcomed for my editing workflow and allows me to jump between timecodes with ease. It’s almost a full sized keyboard in a TKL form factor, so it’s great for gaming as well.

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