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Is Signal the most privacy-oriented and secure texting app out there? All the experts say so, and have been saying it for years, especially during the Signal vs Telegram debate, though there is a problem. Until now, to get a Signal account you had to use your actual phone number for it which, obviously, is not that private.

Now, the privacy feature everyone asked for is rolling out and you’ll be able to get a Signal username without revealing your phone number. Just download the Signal app and, during the setting up process, choose a handle like you would on any other platform.

A Signal representative explained to Wired why so many people wanted Signal accounts without having to sign up with their phone number:

“So we’re extremely sympathetic to people who might be using Signal in high-risk environments who say, ‘The phone number is really sensitive information, and I don’t feel comfortable having that disseminated broadly.’”

Personally, I gave up using Signal precisely because of this. While I do appreciate the full encrypted app and it was the first chat app to offer disappearing messages, I am extremely protective of my phone number. Only mom and robocallers, please! 

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