Internet Traffic Dropped By Half During the Eclipse

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The eclipse that was visible in parts of the US, Canada and Mexico was such a huge event, Internet traffic dropped dramatically in the region.

In some areas, Internet traffic actually dipped by as much as 60% of the usual activity. Did actually half of the population go offline and leave their devices behind? 

According to Cloudflare, a service that’s used by around 20 of all websites in the world, that could be the case.

Their stats were picked up by NY Times. The outlet summed up which states appreciated the eclipse the most.

“The places with the most dramatic views saw the biggest dips in traffic compared with the previous week. In Vermont, Arkansas, Indiana, Maine, New Hampshire and Ohio — states that were in the path of totality, meaning the moon completely blocked out the sun — internet traffic dropped by 40 percent to 60 percent around the time of the eclipse, Cloudflare said. States that had partial views also saw drops in internet activity, but to a much lesser extent. At 3:25 p.m. Eastern time, internet traffic in New York dropped by 29 percent compared with the previous week, Cloudflare found.

The path of totality made up a roughly 110-mile-wide belt that stretched from Mazatlan, Mexico, to Montreal. In the Mexican state of Durango, which was in the eclipse zone, internet traffic measured by Cloudflare dipped 57 percent compared with the previous week, while farther south, in Mexico City, traffic was down 22 percent. The duration of the eclipse’s totality varied by location, with some places experiencing it for more than four minutes while for others, it was just one to two minutes.”

What about you? Were you in a place to observe the eclipse and, if so, did you leave your phone behind?

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