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Why a Typewriter Keyboard Is The Best Thing for Your Productivity

When it comes to writing a successful piece, there’s lots to do first, from doing the research to setting the mood.

Enter the typewriter keyboard, one gadget that can make you as productive as your favorite author.

As you know, if you are a pro writer, you may sometimes come across different challenges standing in the way of completing the article. Whether inspiration doesn’t strike you, the topic is boring, or the deadline is too short – the struggle is real.

Being there myself at times, I noticed that there are some small details that can turn a rut into a good writing day. For me it’s having my tea nice and warm, my Spotify playlist sorted – and my typewriter keyboard.

This might seem like a frivolous accessory but I do think authors and aspiring writers do deserve to have nice tools – and what’s nicer than a typewriter keyboard that mixes the oldschool cool with the modern functions to boost your productivity?

So, why is a typewriter keyboard is the best thing for your productivity?

These days we are surrounded by distractions, from social media to online sales or new Netflix episodes.

The typewriter keyboard has that iconic look and feel that just makes you feel like a famous writer from the olden days. You can sit down and feel like Salinger as you’re banging away on the keycaps and you can create a productivity corner that really inspires you to get in the flow.

You probably saw the gorgeous KnewKey DJ88 above on some of your favorite content creators’ desks and truly, it’s an incredible typewriter keyboard. It’s also north of $400 and that’s a lot to invest in, I know.

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That’s why I went to look for the best typewriter keyboards you can get on a budget and you can see my handpicked recommendations below. That way, you can see why a typewriter keyboard is a great gadget for a writer and then, if you fall in love with it, look for an upgrade like the KnewKey further down the line.

YUNZII ACTTO B305 Wireless Typewriter Keyboard

One of the most affordable typewriter keyboards in my suggestions, the Yunzii is a fantastic middle-ground between an old-school typewriter and those super sleek keyboards with rounded keycaps.

Thanks to this design, YUNZII B305 can easily be integrated into any aesthetic, matching everything else in the room. This typewriter keyboard has a compact layout, cute rounded keycaps, and wireless technology.

With Bluetooth 5.0, this typewriter keyboard can operate from a distance of 33FT(10m) without delays. Plus, you can easily pair it up to three devices and switch between them using the FN+1/2/3.

The package includes a keyboard, extra keycap, 2 AAA batteries, and a manual.

TISHLED Typewriter Keyboard Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 

This retro typewriter keyboard also looks great and it sounds even better. I think you’ll enjoy its clicky-sounding keys, which deliver a comfortable and satisfying typing experience. Plus, since it’s a typewriter keyboard with a slot for your phone or tablet, people won’t think you’re cosplaying Hemingway – just that you have a playful aesthethic.

Using Bluetooth, you can pair this typewriter keyboard with your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, and it’s easy to switch between devices by pressing Fn+1/2/3.
Since it works on Windows/Mac OS/Android/iOS, there’s virtually no device that can’t pair with it.

7KEYS Retro Typewriter Keyboard

If you really wanna kick it oldschool and jumpstart your creativity like the big authors do, this typewriter keyboard is the real deal.

This really feels like an old royal typewriter, with its panels made of aluminum alloy metal electroplated wood grain, mate black pull rods and rollers, and electroplated round keycaps with golden accents.

This one also integrates Bluetooth 5.0 for faster switching between one device to another and is compatible with smartphones, tablets or laptops running Android, iOS, Mac or Windows.

Isn’t it simply gorgeous? If you have wooden bookshelves filled to the brim, this one gadget will really complete the aesthetic in your study.

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Now that you have an idea about the typewriter keyboards on the market? Could typewriter keyboards help you write faster or overcome writer’s block? If you decide to go for one, do come back and share your experience – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Why a Typewriter Keyboard Is The Best Thing for Your Productivity
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