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Why a Typewriter Keyboard Is The Best Thing for Your Productivity

Whether inspiration doesn’t strike you, the topic is boring, or the deadline is too short – the struggle is real. Enter the typewriter keyboard, one gadget that can make you as productive as your favorite author. I’ll tell you a few things from my own experience then recommend a few models that can work great for your needs and budget.

Having been there myself at times, I noticed that there are some small details that can turn a rut into a good writing day. For me it’s having my tea nice and warm, my Spotify playlist sorted – and my typewriter keyboard.

The typewriter keyboard has that iconic look and feel that just makes you feel like a serious writer. You can sit down and feel like JD Salinger or Harlan Ellison as you’re banging away on the keycaps.

You probably saw the gorgeous KnewKey DJ88 on some of your favorite content creators’ desks and truly, it’s an incredible typewriter keyboard. It’s also north of $400 and that’s a lot to invest in, I know, even if it also has speakers. Other influencers swear by the QwerkyWriter keyboard pictured above and I’m like…do typewriter keyboards have to come with huge price tags and little puns?

No, they actually don’t, as you’ll see below.

Retro typewriter keyboard with style: the QwerkyWriter

Still, QwerkyWriter is a retro typewriter keyboard with premium materials like they used to have in the old days. Anyone who played a bit with an Olympia typewriter or even the cheaper Mercedes will remember that dramatic feeling of the keys and simply the solidity of the devices overall… They could handle the thousands of words you’d type during a good flow!

For about $300, the Qwerkywriter promises the same.

qwerkywriter retro typewriter keyboard

It’s made out of sleek aluminum, with beautiful golden electroplated details, and features clicky mechanical switches like most great keyboards nowadays. 

If you wanted an iPad typewriter keyboard, just put your tablet in the dedicated slot and start banging away on the keys. Otherwise, just connect it to your other devices via Bluetooth or add it to your PC setup with a wired USB-C connection where you never have to worry about battery life.

Retro typewriter keyboard on a budget, from 7Keys

Too much for your budget? The 7Keys typewriter keyboard looks almost as good and goes for about half the price if you catch one of the big sales. 

7keys retro typewriter keyboard

You still have the premium feel of an aluminum alloy for the chassis, so this will feel like a retro typewriter keyboard instead of a modern, all-plastic model.

This typewriter also works with most devices you need, from Windows to Mac OS, Android and iOS, using a Bluetooth connection. If you want a wired connection to your PC, you can use the USB port for that.

Super cheap typewriter keyboards? There are some

For the super budget friendly options, check out the TISHLED Typewriter Keyboard or the YUNZII ACTTO B305 Wireless Typewriter Keyboard. No, none of them come from big brands but they’re great at under $60.

TISHLED typewriter keyboard with phone and iPad slot 

The Tishled retro typewriter keyboard looks great and it sounds even better.

tishled typewriter keyboard

I think you’ll enjoy its clicky-sounding keys, which deliver a comfortable and satisfying typing experience. Plus, since it’s a typewriter keyboard with a slot for your phone or tablet, people won’t think you’re cosplaying Hemingway – just that you have a playful aesthetic. If you go for the beige option, it will be the most retro typewriter keyboard out there, and if you go for the mint color you’re totally cosplaying a 50s author.

Using Bluetooth, you can pair this typewriter keyboard with your laptop, tablet, and smartphone, and it’s easy to switch between devices by pressing Fn+1/2/3.
Since it works on Windows/Mac OS/Android/iOS, there’s virtually no device that can’t pair with it.

YUNZII ACTTO B305 wireless typewriter keyboard

The Yunzii is also a beautiful choice, though it’s a more modern typewriter keyboard design that’s very much a nod to Apple’s style.

One of the most affordable typewriter keyboards in my suggestions, the Yunzii is a fantastic middle-ground between an old-school typewriter and those super sleek keyboards with rounded keycaps.

Thanks to this design, YUNZII B305 can easily be integrated into any aesthetic, matching everything else in the room. This typewriter keyboard has a compact layout, cute rounded keycaps, and wireless technology.

With Bluetooth 5.0, this typewriter keyboard can operate from a distance of 33FT(10m) without delays. Plus, you can easily pair it up to three devices and switch between them using the FN+1/2/3.

Now that you have an idea about the typewriter keyboards on the market? Could typewriter keyboards help you write faster or overcome writer’s block? If you decide to go for one, do come back and share your experience – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Why a Typewriter Keyboard Is The Best Thing for Your Productivity
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