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Aesthetic Headphones Round-up: The Starting Guide for Vintage and Design Lovers

No matter the headphones aesthetic you prefer, from retro, pure vintage headphones or just cool headphones with an unusual design, we got you covered. Starting from the 70s and going up to the futuristic, early 2000s headphones design, these are some headphones that will go with any outfit and draw envious looks.

And, if pure vintage style is what you’re after, check out our other guide dedicated to the best retro headphones in town.

1970s headphones aesthetics 

Looking for the coolest 70s headphones with modern specs?

These Koss vintage headphones look like they come out of 2001: A Space Odyssey, thanks to the beige plastic body with chrome and pale blue accents. The Koss Porta Pro Limited Edition also looks a lot more expensive than the price point it’s at, which is significantly under $100.

The headphones aesthetics also have functional purposes, featuring adjustable temporal pads to relieve pressure on the ears and integrated in-line microphone, volume control and one-touch remote to handle your calls. 

Plus, the collapsible headband lets you carry them in their hardshell case.

Koss headphones are sadly very niche, with even audiophiles unaware of this brand, but really – they are the OG.

The first stereo headphones in history were actually the Koss SP/3. They came out in 1958 for a portable phonograph and, thanks to their incredible design, headphones aesthetics were changed forever. Yes, Beyerdynamics have been around since the 40s but it was Koss that made stereo headphones.

If you look at the reviews, nowadays Koss headphones offer super aesthetic headphones with decent specs, all at an affordable price – check out the model above here

But if you’re looking for something that looks more modern, scroll on.

1980s headphones aesthetics

80s headphones in a nutshell? It’s the Walkman headphones and no, by the way, that’s not a 70s headphones design.

Walkman debuted in 1979 and, by the time it was ubiquitous, we were well into the 80s. If you wanna pay tribute to that era with headphone aesthetics, nowadays you have a couple of choices that don’t involve digging through grandma’s attic.

What you gotta look for are on-ear headphones with small foam-pads, since that was the headphone design that was all the rage 40 years ago. 

Our favorite affordable Walkman-style headphones are the JLab Rewind, since the orange foam pads scream “80s”. 

Plus, since they’re wireless, the JLab Rewind are super easy to wear as a necklace. 

Still, for the true 80s headphones style, you have to get some wired headphones. 

How about these, which come from a cult brand and retail for under $10? 

Yes, it’s possible if you go with the Koss KPH7, colorful 80s headphones that have all the features from back then – foam pads, wires, and simply stereo sound.

For what they go for on Amazon, the Koss KPH7 are really the most affordable aesthetic headphones you can find anywhere. If you’re bold, go neon green or purple for a choice that stands out.

1990s headphones aesthetics

By the way, both 80s and 90s headphones were also super minimalistic in a way that was designed to let crazy hairdos shine.

Earbuds with a headband were all the rage, making sure no puffed up hairstyle or a mohawk was hurt while listening to tapes.

While it’s increasingly hard to find an original pair of Sony headphones with a headband, these babies come close design-wise and would make any fashionista back in the 80s drool.

These workout in-ear headphones are wireless and feature Bluetooth 5.0 but the colorful headband is very 80s, with simple colors or even a tortoise shell pattern that would look wicked with a pair of similar glasses. 

Plus, the headband can keep your earbuds secure during workouts so it’s more than aesthetics with these headphones, it’s functionality. And yes, they do have a built-in microphone.

Check them out here.

Still, if you ever wondered why cool kids wear wired headphones, the answer is simple: great audio quality and ease of use. Yes, wireless earbuds are great but sometimes they are prone to pairing issues, forcing you to tinker with various settings. Thankfully, the 1990s headphones aesthetics so trending right now also make it easier than ever to find the best wired headphones. 

Our favorites are these babies from RockPapa

Their kids’ headphones are incredibly colorful and scream 90s aesthetics but the grown-up line-up is also great.

You really can’t get better under $50 and these are fantastic if you want colorful, not grunge headphones to complete your 90s outfits.

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Aesthetic Headphones Round-up: The Starting Guide for Vintage and Design Lovers
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