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US Consumer Advocacy Group Gives Apple “F” Grade Over Difficult iPhone Repairs

Just as all eyes are on the new products Apple announced and people are trying to decide if the iPhone SE 3 is worth it, Apple gets slammed by a US consumer advocacy group.

The group rated Apple an “F” in terms of iPhone repairability, claiming the company makes it very difficult for users to repair their own devices.

The report the group released uses multiple sources to produce its grates, from self reported scores from the French government to assistance from iFixit. If you care about right to repair, this report is a good starting point when choosing your next device.

“Because repairing products is dependent on your ability to get access to necessary repair materials, our grade also reflects companies’ record of lobbying against Right to Repair, or membership in associations which are prominent Right to Repair opponents,” writes the U.S. PIRG.

The “F” grade Apple received puts it at the very end of the manufacturer’s list.

It’s worth noting that no company has gotten an A on the repair scorecard.

So, what’s the easiest phone to repair? Surprinsingly so, Motorola scored a B, followed by Samsung with a C.

You can also see which laptops are easy to repair in the scorecard and read more about how the grades were given here

“France debuted the first repairability scores in January 2021, ahead of an EU-wide law. These labels are meant to incentivize manufacturers to abandon unsustainable design practices such as designing products that are impossible to repair, requiring proprietary tools, refusing to provide access to tools or service instructions, and other anti-repair tactics,” explains the organization.

Right To Repair: How Do We Make Tech More Sustainable?

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US Consumer Advocacy Group Gives Apple “F” Grade Over Difficult iPhone Repairs
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