1 In 4 Americans Are Now ChatGPT Users, But Not People Without Higher Education 

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Generative AI tools like ChatGPT took the world by storm in the past few years but how popular are they?

Incredibly so, and the numbers are only  going up.

The most significant numbers show just how skewed the age distribution really is. ChatGPT is mostly used by people under 30, and usage goes up the more educated the person is.

So, who is using ChatGPT and how have things changed in the past year?

The most interesting part though is that the number of people with a high school diploma using ChatGPT remained the same. At the same time, the number of those with higher education tripled in the same interval. 

From the report:

“Adults under 30 stand out: 43% of these young adults have used ChatGPT, up 10 percentage points since last summer. Use of the chatbot is also up slightly among those ages 30 to 49 and 50 to 64. Still, these groups remain less likely than their younger peers to have used the technology. Just 6% of Americans 65 and up have used ChatGPT.

Highly educated adults are most likely to have used ChatGPT: 37% of those with a postgraduate or other advanced degree have done so, up 8 points since July 2023. This group is more likely to have used ChatGPT than those with a bachelor’s degree only (29%), some college experience (23%) or a high school diploma or less (12%).”

One can only speculate why ChatGPT is not gaining traction with those without higher education. My guess would be that usage is correlated with office jobs, which tend to demand degrees. Pew’s research found that 66% percent of those who work in fields like education banking, finance, accounting, real estate or insurance think chatbots will affect their job. For fields like hospitality, arts or entertainment, the number drops to 40%.

As for why is everyone using ChatGPT? As expected, the need to use generative AI at work increased. Last year, the share of employed Americans who used ChatGPT at work was 8%, and this year it has risen to 20%.

The rest of users, those who turn to the chatbot to learn something new or out of boredom, account for about a fifth of the total user base. I wonder what percentage is trying to do some insane stunts like decyphering classified records

What do you use it for? 

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