Some People Are Using ChatGPT to Decode Redacted Government Docs


Is there anything ChatGPT can’t be used for? A group of enterprising people is now trying to uncover what the government is hiding in redacted files.

Thanks to the launch of ChatGPT-4 last month, which lets the chatbot read and decipher images, alien hunters are now using it on UFO-related redacted government docs.

How? As you know, chatbots like ChatGPT are large language models whose whole functionality is to generate text based on an input, simply by guessing what makes sense in that context next.

Brian Roemmele posted on X (formerly known as Twitter) how he used ChatGPT to guess what was behind the “redacted” lines and concluded “we are in a new world”.

Decrypt, an outlet that compiled some of the best uses of ChatGPT-4, goes on to explain how Roemmele did it:

“Trying to fill gaps in a string of text is basically what LLMs do. The user did the next best thing when trying to test GPT-V’s capabilities and made it guess parts of a text that he censored. “Nearly 100% intent accuracy,” he reported.

Of course, it’s hard to verify whether its guess at what’s otherwise obscured is accurate—it’s not like we can ask the CIA how well it did peering through the black lines.”

Will UFO hunters discover some actually juicy material using ChatGPT? Only time will tell.

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Image by Christian Plass

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