Florida Woman Sues OpenAI for Making the Robot Apocalypse Possible 

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One Florida woman sued the makers of ChatGPT, OpenAI, for opening the doors to a robot apocalypse similar to what the Terminator movies present. 

Look beyond the “Florida woman” part of the story and you’ll find a lot of reasonable, well-thought-out arguments against the widespread use of AI nowadays.

The Florida woman filed her lawsuit against OpenAI in a California court and demands the company pause developing AI until AI products can be developed to follow a code of “human-like ethical principles and guidelines and respect for human values and rights.”

Essentially, her concerns mirror those of most AI critics and tech ethicists nowadays, who fear AI development needs guardrails. 

Still, her major fear is of robots designed to destroy humans, which is something that, while possible, is still probably a couple away. Still, to support her argument, she cites a troubling case in which GPT-4 pretended it was blind so that a human taskrabbit would solve a captcha for it, so Skynet might be coming online any day now.

However, Terminator “jokes” aside, her other concerns are issues that are very relevant today –  horrible privacy violations and the proliferation of digital clones (ie deepfakes). 

“The future Professor Hawking predicted has arrived in just seven short years. 

Using stolen and misappropriated personal information at scale, Defendants have created powerful and wildly profitable AI and released it into the world without regard for the risks. 

In so doing, Defendants have created an AI arms race in which Defendants and other Big Tech companies are onboarding society into a plane that over half of the surveyed AI experts believe has at least a 10% chance of crashing and killing everyone on board,” states the suit, before launching into a point by point overview of exactly what’s wrong with AI and AI development today.

The lawsuit demands that Open AI open their “black box” and reveal precisely the data they’re collecting, which, spoiler alert, includes a lot of copyrighted data.

It also wants increased accountability, where OpenAI would compensate users for the training data stolen to train their products. 

Lastly, it demands OpenAI give total control to Internet users over their data, letting them completely opt out of all data collection.

Do you think this would be enough to ensure AI is a positive force?

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