Alcatel VR Headset

Alcatel Shows Innovative Approach With Wireless, Phoneless VR Headset

Phone maker Alcatel really took us by surprise this year at IFA. The company presented a VR headset that raised a few eyebrows since it’s wireless and doesn’t connect to a phone #realitymagic

Alcatel VR headset is a standalone device with two OLED displays inside the roomy mask, instead of a phone screen. It gave up on cables, opting for a battery that guarantees 3 hours of usage. This can be found in the back, luckily keeping the front lightweight. Since you can’t pair it with an iPhone or Android smartphone, it’s up to Alcatel entirely to provide the entertainment. The company says they are in touch with multiple third-party companies that should provide about 100 VR-ready videos and over 50 games.

Alcaltel 360 camera

All things considered, the Alcatel Vision isn’t very cheap, coming later on at  499-599 euros/$560-670. Until we decide if it’s worth spending on it instead of buying an Oculus Rift for example, check out the other surprise Alcatel had for us in Berlin – a 360-camera! It comes in two versions, one that looks like an eyeball, the other one as a slimmer square but they have the same software and capabilities. Instead of working wirelessly, you have to attach it to the phone and you can take photo and video with a special app. This will cost about 99 euros/ $110.

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Alcatel Shows Innovative Approach With Wireless, Phoneless VR Headset
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