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Best Halloween Prop You Can Make With A Drone

Do you want to really scare your neighbors this Halloween? Do away with those silly ghost props and “frightening” carved pumpkins and get technology on your side. Like this cool, ingenious 50-year-old did with his drone #actionmagic

Michael Irvine skipped the pumpkin patch and witch-inspired gear this year and started celebrating Halloween sooner with a really creepy prop. Irvine started with some fishing line, his drone and an old, black Halloween decoration (a skeleton in a black cloth). Then, he let the drone take it in the air and haunt his neighbors. The prop looks very similar to a Dementor from Harry Potter, a creature that drained all the happy memories and feelings from a person.

Irvine’s nephew, @ZacCrueger, shared a couple of photos of the spooky thing on Twitter. Users got so excited that Irvine’s invention received 170k retweets and has more than 290k likes right now:

How do you plan on using your gadgets this Halloween?

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Best Halloween Prop You Can Make With A Drone
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