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Bucharest Tech Week 2019: Space Talks, Social Robots, Mind-Controlled Devices


IFA Berlin, CES, MWC are massive, exciting, adrenaline-fueled events that set the tone for the tech industry every year. Ironically, the things that make them so enthralling can render them a bit overwhelming, even hard to navigate without a clear agenda. You always find yourself leaving with a tinge of regret, feeling as if you’ve missed testing a lot of cool products, simply because there were so many and so little time! It was refreshing, therefore, to go to a more intimate affair like Bucharest Tech Week, “the place to be” for techies in Eastern Europe.

For the past four years, Bucharest Tech Week has been the top tech event in Romania, a budding country for tech innovation. Instead of taking place in the biggest halls in the Capital, the event is organized as an ecosystem with indoor conferences, an outdoor expo area and over 70 other micro events that take place throughout the city.

It succeeds in bringing together specialists from all over the world, the latest gadgets and technologies in a myriad of fields and fun experiences, all while making sure you don’t get lost between hundreds of stands and corridors.

Bucharest Tech Week Expo Area

It basically brings the best of everything in more locations, instead of shoving everything into one big location, where you risk stepping on someone’s foot.

Bucharest Tech Week has become, after four editions, a standard for tech events in this country. The outstanding number of people that brought their families, friends or coworkers to discover together products and solutions meant to better their lives but also to connect them to useful tech and instant information is what motivates us to make next year’s event even more interactive”, said Cătălina Dobre, Project Manager Bucharest Tech Week.

This year, 23615 techies participated to the week-long event, that started with four days of conferences grouped in six summits: Innovation, HR, Business, Fintech, Java and NET. Here, 1724 participants were able to hear how space tech innovation can help startups grow, learn top tactics to increase productivity at work and home, find out about the latest Fintech trends and test the newest Java and .NET algorithms.

We went backstage and spoke to three of the most awaited speakers at Bucharest Tech Week.

Furhat and Preben Wik/Bucharest Tech Week

Our first guest, Preben Wik, co-founder of Furhat Robotics, told us why he developed the world’s most advanced social robot, how it will change the tech scene and whether it will work alongside humans soon.

See the interview with Preben Wik and his robot Furhat here!

Meanwhile, Frank Salzgeber, Head of Innovation and Ventures at the European Space Agency (ESA), challenged our beliefs with his take on space and the space race to “conquer” Mars.

Frank Salzgeber (ESA) at Bucharest Tech Week

Finally, we talked with Andrew Mellen, author, speaker and the Most Organized Man in America about how to stay happy and evolve at work even with the addition of robots in the working field. You’ll see both interviews soon on our YouTube channel!

Bucharest Tech Week is more than a festival, it has become ‘the place to be’

We also have some surprises for you from the expo area. It would be impossible not to, given the amount of goodies we saw there: mind-controlled devices, robots, smart appliances, VR experiences, electric scooters and cars.

There was even a test drive zone for adults with vehicles like Nissan LEAF, Suzuki Swift, Tesla Model 3 Performance. Teenagers and kids gathered around the drone racing zone and the electric scooter testing area.

The end of May brought not only a sunny Bucharest but a heart-warming gathering of people passionate about tech, with years of expertise behind them or just at the start of the road. An encouraging display of crazy ideas, innovative use cases, trends and emerging partnerships that are set to change the world in years to come.

“Nowadays, tech is everywhere so we want to offer the aficionados an integrated platform, which brings together international experts in their fields, innovative companies that offer successful solutions but also local businesses which want to revolutionize tech and life as we know it. Bucharest Tech Week is more than a festival, it has become ‘the place to be’ for many professionals who wish to access the latest business trends and best practices presented by international experts but also for many techies”, surmised Mihai Cima, Managing Partner Universum Events, organizers of Bucharest Tech Week.

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