iPhone 12 Is Apple’s Most Ambitious Phone Yet.. but It Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time

iPhone 12 Is Apple’s Most Ambitious Phone Yet.. but It Couldn’t Come at a Worse Time

iPhone 12 is Apple’s most ambitious phone yet.. but there’s no way Apple is going to release the iPhone 12 as in past years, unless they double their efforts.

That’s mostly due to the coronavirus outbreak; factories in China slowed down and even closed the manufacturing process for a while, sending home to prevent spreading the infection further. Yes, thankfully, they’re starting to return to work, but the timeline is still all over the place. 

Rumor is they’re looking to diversify lens production at least, so that might be a solution to catch shopping season. Believe it or not, some analysts doubt that’s gonna happen. So, if the launch gets postponed by a month or two, well, that’s gonna make Apple’s pockets bleed. After all, the tech giant has to watch Samsung, Huawei and other Android phone makers cash in all year long; but until this year, they counted on a blockbuster iPhone at the beginning of fall to even the score. 

Now, their full-priced iPhone will have to compete with Black Friday sales and seasonal deals. Plus their own iPhone 11 models, which many users might choose to keep for another year, tired of waiting after Apple. 

So is iPhone 12 doomed to fail? Not exactly. It’s just Apple’s luck that they decided to completely rethink their fall champion this year. iPhone 12 will come with major camera, display and connectivity upgrades.

iPhone 12 and 12 Pro will sport OLED screens with 120Hz refresh rate. This is a pretty much confirmed rumor and the only way they can support that battery drainer is by increasing the battery. iPhone 12 Pro Max is said to come with a 4,400mah cell – that’s a 400mAh battery bump. 

Will this mean a thicker body? I really hope not, especially since Apple is finally revisiting a design iPhone users always loved, which is the iPhone 5’s flat metal edges!

The notch will finally get slimmer, without ditching Face ID. How? Using a trick everyone will gush about if Apple makes it happen: a periscope camera. The only reason their notch is so large to begin with is because it holds about 8 sensors. If they manage to condense everything in a periscope lens system, that notch will shrink. However, it’s never been done before and with the production issues they face, it could be delayed until 2021. 

The sides won’t change much but Lightning could turn into USB-C. They’ve already done it for iPads in 2018, so it wouldn’t surprise us to see it on iPhone 12. In true Apple fashion, they could ditch ports altogether. After all, there’s been an over the air recovery mode pushed in the latest iOS update. It’s still a pretty radical move though so I wouldn’t count on it. 

5G is going to come to iPhone 12, backed up by an A14 chip and 6GB of RAM. Now, that’s nothing compared to Asus, OnePlus or Vivo’s 12GB of RAM but it’s huge for Apple. 

If memory got your attention, it’s time to hear about the camera. Everything we know about the camera upgrades – and it’s quite a lot, guys – , in the video above!

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