The YouTuber Arrested for Driving with An Apple Vision Pro Says It Was All A Skit

A couple of days ago, one YouTuber went viral for driving his Tesla on Autopilot with the Apple Vision Pro on – and seemingly being intercepted by the police. 

Needless to say, the reason Dante Lentini, the Youtuber in question, amassed more than 6 million views is because it was a great example of rage bait content. Through this stunt, he endangered the lives of every person sharing his stretch of road, so thousands of commenters rejoiced as they saw the video ending with the police closing in on him. 

The bad news?
Lentini wasn’t actually arrested and told media outlets he ‘only’ drove wearing the Apple Vision Pro for about 30-40 seconds. In the video, you can clearly see him not keeping his hands on the wheel on Autopilot, which goes against Tesla’s terms of service. 

Contacted by Gizmodo, Lentini says the whole thing was a ‘skit’ and that he was not arrested for driving with an Apple Vision Pro On. The police also didn’t engage him. 

It just so happens that, as Lentini and his friends were filming the original ‘joke’ of driving with an Apple Vision Pro, two police cars were around for a different case.

Lentini posted his video the same day Apple Vision Pro launched but something tells us Apple’s marketing department won’t appreciate publicity like this.

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