King of Smartphone Cases Prints Instant Photos Like A Polaroid

Digital cameras have spared us money and time otherwise wasted on developing pictures but stole the pleasure of collecting memories in albums. Saved somewhere on a computer, nowadays digital photos are intangible proofs of what we lived. Folks from Prynt, a French start-up, have found a compromise – a phone case that acts as an instant printer.

Clement Perrot and David Zhang, founders of Prynt, started from two consumer needs: mobile accessories and physical pictures. They took the technology behind a Polaroid and placed it in a phone case, making it easier than ever to take a photo printer with you… and memories back home.

The Prynt case is easily attachable to iPhone 5 series (5c, 5s) and 6 (6s, also), and Samsung Galaxy S4 and S5. Once it’s on, you have to put special Prynt paper underneath the phone and take your picture. In seconds, your photo will come alive, without the need of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, through thermal printing technology.

Not in the mood to take selfies? No problem! Simply choose older photos from your camera roll or Facebook / Instagram galleries.

When you’ve exhausted the 10 photo-strips pack that comes with the case, you can order more on their site. A pack of 50 photo strips costs $25 while a single case is $150. Not expensive, either!

Another interesting hack from Prynt involves augmented reality. Every time you take a picture with the Prynt case, the app records a small video seconds before the final photo comes out. In this way, when friends scan the photo with the Prynt app, they will see what happened before it was taken. The circle is closed: from digital to analog, back to digital.

If you want to customize your photo, the app puts at your disposal filters, stickers, frames and text to make post-processing pointless. In the end, you’ll have beautiful, personal postcards to give friends and family or a unique album for your private pleasure.



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