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Nimb Ring Gets You Out Of Harm’s Way With Hidden “Panic” Button

Your neighborhood isn’t the safest of places or maybe you’re tired of walking from work late at night. The fact is you constantly have to watch your back and keep a pepper spray nearby. The feeling of vulnerability won’t fade away too soon, but you can enhance your protection with Nimb ring #objectmagic

Nimb is a smart ring that acts as a distress signal transmitter. It has a hidden “panic” button that, when pressed down for 3 seconds, sends your profile information (previously set up) and location to selected audiences. These can involve authorities or just family and friends. Either way, people will know when you’re in trouble and the companion app will let you chat with them until they arrive.

A vibration feedback is automatically sent when the receiver gets the message. Nimb ring can also record audio from the scene and vibrate if your phone is out of reach. Basically, you can figure out pretty easily if you’ve accidentally forgot your phone in a cafe or taxi.

Nimb helps to keep friends safe too, the company claims. Just give another one to a friend and yours will vibrate when he/she is in danger. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the ring is for pre-order at a starting price of $115 from US sizes 4-12, in black or white. Delivery will start in January, next year.

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