The Withings BeamO Health Checker Can Replace Half Your Med Kit Already

withings beamo checkup

At CES 2024, Withings didn’t disappoint… again! The company behind some of the most advanced wearables (and our own favorite, the Withings Body Smart scale) revealed yet another wonder.

Meet the Withings BeamO, a gadget that can replace half your med kit already.

The Withings BeamO looks like a futuristic remote but it’s actually a futuristic health scanner: it has a thermometer, pulse oximeter, EKG AND stethoscope, all in one.

withings beamo health checker

The $249.95 Withings BeamO is a so-called multiscope thanks to those features, which, at least on the stethoscope side, are pretty impressive feats of engineering.

The Verge explains:

“The device itself resembles some of Withings’ other contactless thermometers, but it contains photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors, electrodes, a digital stethoscope, and a second-gen version of the infrared temperature sensor in the Withings Thermo. You’re probably more familiar with PPG sensors as the green LED you find in most smartwatches that measures heart rate by shining light into the skin. The sides of the BeamO also have electrodes to enable EKG readings for atrial fibrillation detection.

But more interesting is how Withings has managed to stick a stethoscope into the mix. It does this by including a piezoelectric disc. The gist is the disc captures acoustic noise from your chest or back and then converts it into an electric signal that can be read by the BeamO.”

Even more, the Withings BeamO can actually beam info to your health provider. 

The multiscope can stream audio directly to your doctor during telehealth sessions, and also has a USB-C to headphone jack adapter which lets you listen to audio before transferring it with the app.

Still, don’t expect to see it very soon in stores. Because it has so many features, it needs an FDA clearance, which can take a while.

withings beamo checkup 2

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