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The New Withings Body Scan Smart Scale Can Measure Each Aspect Of Your Body Comp

Looking for ways to improve your diet and / or body composition this year?

The new Withings Body Scan smart scale unveiled at CES 2022 looks to be the most promising diet tech we’ve seen in a while.

The Body Scan’s main promise is one you won’t find on other smart scales – it scans your entire body parts to determine your body comp and body fat a lot more precisely.

Unlike regular body comp scales, it can offer a way better look at exactly what’s happening inside your body by using multiple touch points.

Regular scales basically send up a low-level electric current (bioelectrical impedance analysis or BIA) through your feet to determine how much lean mass, body fat and water you have, which means they mostly estimate your body comp based on what your lower body is like.

With the Withings Body Scan, you also have two retractable handles to add two extra points of contact for current to flow through.

According to Withings, their Body Scan uses “multi-frequency” BIA to tell the difference between your body parts, from your torso to your left and right arms or legs.

Itwill show your body comp in plenty of detail: from whole-body fat to visceral fat, muscles, bone mass, water percentages, and even extracellular and intracellular water.

withings body scan smart scale

At each weigh-in, the Withings Body Scan will show you information like heart rate, EKG recordings (which can be saved and shared with medical professionals) and how your cardiovascular health compares to other people in your age group.

Right now, Withings is waiting for FDA clearance for the Body Scan (thanks to the EKG function) and plans to launch this smart scale in the second part of this year.

The Withings Body Scan will cost $279 and will integrate with Withings’ smartwatches.

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The New Withings Body Scan Smart Scale Can Measure Each Aspect Of Your Body Comp
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