Sengled Bulb Tracks Heart Rate and Sleep, Detects Falls

Sengled Bulb Tracks Heart Rate and Sleep, Detects Falls

We’re used to seeing smart lights adjust our home environment depending on our needs but there hasn’t been a bulb able to do more than just play with light. Until the smart health monitoring one from Sengled was unveiled in time for CES 2022.

Most Sengled bulbs have an over 90 CRI ranking, making them really great at showing true color. This Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart bulb is more than just incredibly accurate when reproducing color, though. It is a health device.

By having built-in health monitoring using radar technology, it can monitor sleep and track vital signs, including heart rate and body temperature.

It can be used alone or in a network of multiple bulbs helping create a virtual map of the house and of its inhabitants. By doing so, it could determine whether one of the people inside that home has been ill and has fallen.

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Fall detection is something we’ve seen with smartwatches so far, so giving a bulb this capability is certainly… interesting. However, in Sengled’s case, we don’t really know what happens after detecting such a behavior.

Sengled hasn’t made any comments in that respect. We’ll probably know for sure as the year ends, with the launch being scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2022.

Currently, the bulb is under development but one thing’s for sure: it will be compatible with popular systems like Alexa, Google and Samsung SmartThings. 

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Sengled Bulb Tracks Heart Rate and Sleep, Detects Falls
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