CES 2022: Movano Adjustable Smart Ring Tracks Almost Everything You Can Think Of

Smart rings capable of tracking heart rate or even blood oxygen detection are nothing new. But one ring to do them all… that’s hard to find. Movano made everyone’s search easier with their multi-purpose, adjustable, smart Ring announcement.

Unlike other smart rings that track only one or two vital signs, Movano’s ring is capable of detecting heart rate, heart rate variability (HRV), blood oxygen, sleep, respiration rate, and temperature, says the company.

Moreover, the companion app is able to put all the data together and make correlations between them that could help users understand better their health status.

In fact, the company’s plans with their wearable are pretty serious, as it’s already a device on its way to gain FDA as a Class II medical device certification.

The design of the ring is interesting, too. Unlike its competitors, this device looks adjustable thanks to the unfinished band. It doesn’t wrap all around the wearer’s finger as most others do.

Could it be also a cheaper option? After all, the Oura Gen 3 was priced at $300 (starting point) with a subscription attached. If Movano manages to reduce the cost, this could really be an attractive offer for health enthusiasts.

We’ll know for sure in the second half of the year, when the product launches officially.

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CES 2022: Movano Adjustable Smart Ring Tracks Almost Everything You Can Think Of
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