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Pricey HB Ring Smart Wedding Band Shows Heartbeats

Smart wedding rings first started showing up back in 2016, when the company TheTouch launched the very first HB Rings

Now these devices are back on the market in a fiery red color scheme to match your feelings.

HB Rings are charged using their jewelry case and have three different functions that serve to remind you of the bond with your loved one.

First off, when you double tap your ring, it will send a request to its match. 

Then, after a few seconds, you’ll start receiving the real-time signal with the heartbeat of your partner.

There’s also another feature, a somewhat offline for the main one, which stores heartbeats and sends them yo you in case your partners’ signal is not getting picked up. 

HB Ring Red Gif1

Then, there’s the “Surprise me” feature, which means your ring will get activated at random points during the day and you’ll start feeling the heartbeat. 

These smart rings use a lot of high-tech crammed into a very small band to show you (and let you feel) your beloved’s heartbeat. 

However, yours might skip a beat when considering the price tag.

The HB Ring is now back in stock and available in Red, the color of passion.  If you do end up purchasing them, that could likely match the color of your budget too.

Then again, they truly are remarkable pieces of tech and, at $1,190.00 for the stainless steel version, somewhat affordable.

It’s only the rose gold options that retail for $5,990.00 a pair.

It’s also worth noting that the bands themselves use sapphire, one of the most scratch-resistant materials on earth, so they’re durable enough for daily wear.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Stefany

    July 14, 2020 at 12:51 am

    This is a total SCAM! They never refunded me after dragging out shipping for years.

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