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Samsung Galaxy Ring to Enter Production In August

oura smart ring gen 3

According to a new report, Samsung is indeed working on a so-called Galaxy Ring and it will enter production very soon.

A new report from The Elec continues the rumors around a possible Samsung smart ring called the Galaxy Ring and says that the company is ready to start manufacturing the devices.

According to the outlet, Samsung has finished the development process and sourced the hardware, so all that is left is to enter actual mass production.

Based on this, we could reasonably expect the Samsung Galaxy Ring to launch in 2024 at the earliest. 

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As GSMArena points out, wearable devices like smart rings which perform ECGs have to go through multiple certification processes in order to be classified as medical devices.

For fans of smart rings, the market has not really offered many options. Oura is the most famous smart ring maker, with the $350 Oura Ring Gen3 offering monitoring for heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen levels, as well as guided meditation exercises and deep insights into sleep habits. 

Circular Ring, another smart ring with multiple functions, also hovers at the $300 price point, so a potential Galaxy Ring will probably also be priced similarly.

This September, Movano will also release the Evie smart ring and, in a press release from last year, said it will cost under $300. Unlike the Oura, it will have no subscription fees added.

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