One Shake Powers Up This Digital Thermometer

Shake It Up: Digital Thermometer Works Without Batteries

BCool’s thermometer seems to apply Taylor Swift’s advice literally, as it requires you to shake it up to work, instead of relying on batteries.

The batteries of this thermometer are nowhere to be seen because they were actually replaced with a capacitor.

How so? The capacitor can temporarily hold a charge that’s enough to take a single temperature reading and transfer the data via Bluetooth to a companion phone app.

The app stores the reading, add symptoms and tracks it over time, being able to monitor the evolution of a possible fever.

Why do you need to shake the device? Well, the generator powering up the capacitor works only by shaking it up and down quickly.

I know this reminds you of traditional thermometers that needed a quick reset in the same way.

However, this one from BCool is able to do more than just that. It can take multiple readings from different people since it doesn’t need to touch the skin.

Plus, it’s able to transfer the info to the app and therefore, correlate relevant data for better results.

BCool’s digital thermometer is also waterproof and should go on sale for about $80. Most likely, the company will release it at the end of the year.

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Shake It Up: Digital Thermometer Works Without Batteries
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