AT&T’s New Medical Device Can See Through Walls

at&t cherish serenity independent living monitor fall detection

The world’s first fall detection monitor of this type, the AT&T Cherish Serenity looks like a speaker but sees you through walls – without you having to do anything.

The AT&T Cherish Serenity is an ‘industry first’ monitor for monitoring elderly patients, a medical radar that doesn’t require cameras or wearable trackers.

Instead, the Cherish Serenity can basically see through walls by using both AT&T’s cellular connectivity and the radar technology from Cherish, all paired with an AI technology that can detect your body, movement and biometrics.

As we were saying in our piece about how tech is helping aging people live independent lives while still being monitored, many patients refuse to try wearables or cameras for fears of giving up their privacy. One of the most popular devices for fall detection remains the Apple Watch, since it can be worn as a fashion statement or fitness tracker.

According to Sumit Nagpal, the Cherish founder and CEO quoted by The Verge, their approach offers a “whole new class of in-home safety and health monitoring capabilities, all without compromising people’s privacy and dignity, and without requiring any change in how they live.”

Indeed, if you go over the ick factor of something seeing you even through walls, the AT&T Cherish Serenity does look nice and discreet.

It looks like a speaker and it will work great for those who don’t want to fiddle with tech, since it needs to be plugged into a power source and simply left alone. Read more about it here.

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