CES 2022: Dog Collar Works Like an Apple Watch

Pet trackers are not anything new but this collar does more than track your dog using GPS. Just like an Apple Watch, it is able to monitor vital signs.

Invoxia, the team behind it, worked with vets to come up with an AI system based on miniaturized radar sensors. Remember the Soli radar in Pixel 4? It’s very similar to that.

Unlike smartwatches and fitness trackers, this one doesn’t require a tight fit or skin contact. So it’s more loose and comfortable for your pet and functional no matter how furry they are.

The Invoxia collar measures respiratory rate and heart rate and can track daily activity such as walking, running, scratching, barking or resting.

The company already has four years of data collected from their pet tracker to function as baseline for the algorithm. All the information gathered could be used to monitor animals after surgery, treatment or to keep an eye on their progress if they suffer from a cardiac illness.

The collar comes with a removable fabric that’s easy to clean, has a built in buzzer and escape alerts, and is compatible with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and LTE-M.

Trouble is, it’s suitable only for medium to large-sized dogs. 

The dog collar earned an Innovation award from CES this year and should come out this summer for $100.

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