New Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Is the Widest Laptop I’ve Seen

Lenovo’s surprise at CES 2022 was another dual-screen device, this time with a wider-than-I’ve-ever-seen main display. Here are Lenovo ThinkBook Plus specs and price.

While the company isn’t a newb when it comes to dual-screen laptops (and successful ones at that), ThinkBook Plus is their first device with a shocking 21:10 aspect ratio.

Indeed, the laptop measures 16.1 x 9 x 0.7 inches, with a 17.3-inch main display at 3072 x 1440 resolution.

Why risk it with a new size? To accommodate a pretty big secondary display, right next to the keyboard, without compromising the size of the keys.

The touchscreen display comes at 8 inches with a stylus included. This has incredible potential, believes Lenovo, as they describe the multiple uses owners could get from it.

It’s a no-brainer that the touchsreen can be used as a tablet to edit or refine images, given the included stylus. Or to open secondary apps from the most used on the device.

It also could be used as a chat window or note to scribble thoughts during conferences.

Lenovo believes it could easily work as a display for application sub tools or to mirror your phone, if you work as much on it as on your laptop.

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In any case, it’s obvious the addition of a secondary display is not a gimmick, as the company has put a lot of thought in its practical use on a daily basis.

If you’re interested in the super-wide, 4.4 pounds, Intel 12th-gen H-series laptop, keep your eyes peeled for its arrival this May. The ThinkBook Plus should cost $1,399. 

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New Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Is the Widest Laptop I’ve Seen
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